Tap dancing is one of the most beloved styles of dance for both the audience and the performer. Broadway Arts Centre is passionate about delivering the highest quality performing arts education to your child, and giving them the space to thrive and grow into who they are. We offer tap classes to allow your children to learn valuable skills like coordination, listening and memory, and how to get along well with others. Aside from the fact that your child will have a blast, there are a number of benefits to tap dancing as a whole.

Anyone Can Learn

Tap dance is for any age. It’s so much fun, and easy to pick up for young children to seniors, and every age in between. You don’t even need any prior dance experience. The skills necessary for tap dancing are skills that can be developed through practice. If you are wanting to learn how to tap dance, and are willing to work at it, then you’re guaranteed to succeed. With a variety of different ways to teach and combine steps, the structure of dance classes and the dances you will learn can be tailored to your learning ability and physical needs.

It’s Really Good for You

Tap dance strengthens the legs and feet, all while increasing mobility in the hips, knees, and ankles. Tap is comprised of quick and definitive foot movements that tone and strengthen your leg muscles, as well as improve the motor coordination of your feet. It’s also great for improving balance. In tap dance, you are constantly moving from one foot to another, and standing on one foot or another. Through learning the ins and outs of tap dancing, your balance is guaranteed to improve.

Helps With Memory and Cognitive Function

For kids and adults alike, dancing is extremely beneficial to cognitive functioning. It increases your memory through having to remember steps and put them together in the order that they are shown to you. Your senses of rhythm and timing are also guaranteed to increase the more you pursue dancing. This is especially true for tap dance, which forces you to listen to both the specific rhythms from your feet and the music playing to create the performance.

Develops Social Skills For Young Kids

If you are choosing to try out tap classes for your child, their social skills are guaranteed to improve. Among other dance styles, tap dancing is a social art form. It involves communication between the music, the dancer, and the audience in ways that normal dancing doesn’t, and the culture behind tap dance is one of learning to feed your movements off of the energy of the audience. In the class setting, this is developed and learned through the relationships your child will build with their classmates, their teacher, and themselves as they progress. Often, tap classes are the most gender-neutral dance style, so most likely, your child will learn how to interact with other children of the opposite gender.

Tap dancing is a fun and exciting activity for children and people of all ages. It also is the most versatile of all the dance styles. If your child dreams of being a star, and they learn how to tap dance, they have the foundation needed for other performing art forms. Broadway Arts Centre strives to give our students a positive growing atmosphere, where they can learn valuable skills and grow their confidence. Call us today to learn more about our classes and summer camps.