1. Once again your team did a fabulous job!

    Meaghan, Once again your team did a fabulous job! Violet had a ball and we really enjoyed the Wizard of Oz performance yesterday!

    BAC Parent - Christine
  2. They inspire you!

    I like Broadway Arts Centre because it is very accepting of people no matter what.  It’s very warm and the teachers help you with the art that you’re working on. They also really inspire you to create and push yourself to try new things.  They encourage you to stay focused but at the same time have fun because you are doing what you love.  I’ve learned different strategies and tools that you can use in life and school, like focusing and thinking about small details and working at things step by step to get to where you want to be… I just always know when I’m there that I feel safe, I feel comfortable, accepted, and wanted. It’s really just a great place to be…

    BAC Student Age 10 - Kiara
  3. I recommend it to everyone!

    Broadway Arts Centre is a great dance school. It has taught me so many new ways and skills to improve my dancing. The teachers are very enthusiastic and always give great feed back on moves and skills that you could work on. The teachers are positive and kind and are always open to some new ideas. I am in the BAC Dance Company at BAC where we do fun competitions, showcases, fairs and fetes….At BAC there is no bullying or kids being cruel to other kids. BAC is a warm welcoming studio and I recommend it to everyone!

    BAC Student Age 9 - Freya