Does your child have a flair for acting? Are they always in character, dressing up, or trying out their British accents? Maybe you want to give them a creative outlet for their desire to perform, and an acting class sounds like the perfect choice for an extracurricular. Did you know that acting can be so much more than just an after school hobby? Acting can really enrich your child’s life—read on to learn more!


Does your child love to act at home but is incredibly shy around others? An acting class is a great way to bring a reserved child out of their shell, and the confidence they learn can translate into every area of their life. Even just starting to practice in front of the other kids in their class can break through shyness and reveal a confident actor! As they have support from both their teacher and their peers they will learn to overcome the anxiety associated with performing, and after being in front of a big audience once it will get easier and easier. If your kiddo could use a boost of confidence, an acting class is a great tool!

Public Speaking

Being able to speak comfortably in front of others is a life skill that can help you in school, in the workplace, and in social situations. Learning at an early age how to speak clearly, loudly, and with great emphasis helps you be an engaging member of your community. Having storytelling skills is something that some adults never learn, and if you can become an effective communicator as a kid it will serve you well throughout your life.


Life is not a one-man play, and our acting classes will emphasize the importance of teamwork and collaboration. Being able to see value in each cast member and the unique content and voice that they bring to a production helps a child become a better team player and form good relationships. Working on acting skills with a group of your peers can be challenging, but overcoming obstacles together makes the successes even sweeter. Acting always involves more than one person for a production (even a solo scene), and it is amazing to see different personalities and talents come together and create something amazing. Teamwork is important not just in acting, but in school, and any future jobs your child may have.


Not all students learn in the same way, and some kids are more physical learners. Acting classes give these kids a great chance to learn in a more active way. Movement can really help some kids memorize facts, get better at reading, and increase their overall academic performance. If your child has a hard time learning in traditional ways, sitting at a desk, an acting class can be a great addition to their education.

Taking Criticism

Being able to take criticism in a positive way, and use it to become better at something, is a skill that many adults, let alone children, are lacking. Acting classes are all about becoming better, and constructive criticism is part of that process. If children can learn at a young age that doing something right doesn’t always happen right away, and that practice can make them better, they will be able to constantly want to grow and improve in all aspects of their lives. Watching their peers take directions and improve their performance helps solidify how important handling criticism well can be.


Acting is not like math class—there can be more than one way to get the right answer. Each person’s voice, body language, and inflection are different, and that means that children put their own unique stamp on a performance. Acting shows kids that being creative is extremely important, and that it is what brings words on a page to life. This creativity is incredibly important for many jobs, and can help your child be an out-of-the-box thinker.

You may have just thought your child had a propensity for performance, but didn’t realize that acting classes could give them so much more! At Broadway Arts Centre we believe that each child has the potential for greatness, and our acting classes might be just what your child needs! If you are interested in our acting classes, or any other children’s performing arts classes in High Park, contact us today!