Theatre Classes For Kids-Broadway Arts Centre

Summer is fast approaching, and kids and parents alike relish in longer days, warmer weather, and a less structured schedule. Kids need a break from school, but they also need to stay active and moving. A summer dance or theatre camp is a great way to occupy your kids this summer, and introduce them to the wonderful world of performing arts. Maybe your little one is already hooked on dance, summer camps are the perfect way to keep that interest going. If your child has never danced or acted before, a summer camp is a wonderful opportunity to explore the world of theatre and dance.

Encourages Movement

With school out of session, some kids can resort to TV and video games, and it can be hard to get them up and moving. A fun, interactive theatre and dance camp is a great way to encourage them to get exercise and learn new skills. Physical activity is good for the body and the mind, and performance and dance are a great platform to move and be active. Provide an opportunity for your child to be active this summer with one of our great camps!

Keeps Them Learning

While your child may not be doing math or history lessons at one of our camps, they are nevertheless learning. Summer is a great time for kids to have a break from the mental rigors of school, but keeping the brain active through movement and creativity helps to keep them engaged. Your kids will be having so much fun, they won’t even realize they are learning and growing through dance!

A Break From the Heat

Summer is a wonderful time to explore the beautiful outdoors, but some days it can be too hot to spend much time outside. A performing arts camp gives your child an indoor break from the heat, and allows them to get much needed movement away from the sun’s rays. Keep your child active, while staying cool with a summer theatre camp.

Make New Friends

The summer months can make it hard for your kids to stay in touch with all of their friends from school, especially if they are scattered far and wide geographically. Mom and Dad may be tired of playdates at their house, but still want social engagement and activity for their kids. A camp is a great platform to bring kids together to dance, play, and work together to bring a performance to life. Dance and theatre friends form lifelong bonds, and often are in multiple performances together, solidifying their relationships.

Camp Options

Our camps range from half day to full day, and there are so many different performances to choose from. This summer, Broadway Arts Centre is proud to offer the following performances:

  • Ballerina and B-Boy Camp (full and half day options)
  • Beauty and the Beast (full and half day options)
  • Disney Princess Camp (full and half day options)
  • Matilda (full and half day options)
  • The Little Mermaid (full and half day options)
  • Wizard of Oz (full and half day options)
  • Frozen (full and half day options)

These classes start at age 4 and go up to age 12; for specific dates and times, check out our Register page. We also offer a full day performance company summer intensive that is open to children 6 through 17, and our full day pre-professional musical theatre camp (performing Grease this year) that is for kids 9 to 15. With all of these amazing performance options, and our optional before and after care, you are sure to find one that will excite and inspire your kids.

If you are considering performing arts for your children this summer, Broadway Arts Centre in High Park offers great opportunity for exercise, creativity, and fun! Contact us today to learn more, and to register for one of our great camps.