While many parents understand that extracurricular activities such as sports can be beneficial to their children, not many realize the benefits of musical theatre. While signing your child up for music theatre may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of extracurricular activities, it can actually be a great decision for many children.

At Broadway Arts Centre in Toronto, we offer music theatre as one of our performing arts classes. Our musical theatre program has classes for kids from the age of four to 17. This allows your children to give this performing arts class a try, no matter their age.

In this blog, we are going to talk about the benefits that music theatre can offer your child and why you and your kiddo should consider it when choosing an extracurricular activity. Read on to learn more and be sure to contact us today to learn more about our programs!

Help Them Make Friends

While your child likely has friends at school, it can be great for them to make friends outside of that circle as well. Musical theatre can introduce your child to more people that they will grow close to and develop friendships with. These other children may come from different backgrounds, go to different schools, and give your child a diverse group to call friends. If your child is shy, this is a great way to help them break out of their shell and help them meet new people.

Teaches Responsibility

Musical theatre classes can help teach your child responsibility as well. They will have to learn lines, song lyrics, dance routines, stage directions, and more to ensure each scene is perfect and they are doing their part to improve the overall production. Having to learn all of these things will help your kid develop a sense of responsibility and understand that they need to put in work.

Boosts Teamwork

Along with responsibility, musical theatre can also help your child develop a stronger ability to work as a team. If they do not pull their weight, learn their lines, and do the work they need for the production, they are not the only one who is affected. They will learn that everyone is impacted when they do not put in the work. To help the production go smoothly, everyone in the class will learn to put in the same amount of effort. While you may think teamwork skills are built-in sports specifically, musical theatre is a great way to teach your child about teamwork as well!

Improves Confidence

Musical theatre helps build confidence in children. When your child is able to stand on stage and perform for a room full of people they will find new confidence in themselves. This type of performing arts can help your child feel as though they can do just about anything and will help them feel more comfortable getting in front of people in any situation.

It’s Fun

There are many other benefits that musical theatre can offer, but one of the most important benefits is that it is fun! Children of all ages can have a great time in musical theatre and develop new skills, make new friends, and try something new. It is exciting for your child to learn a part and perform in front of people. It is fun for them to be a part of different productions. If your child has tried different sports and didn’t enjoy them, musical theatre may be just the thing they need!

These are only a few of our favorite benefits, but there are many more that musical theatre can offer your child. If you are interested in signing your child up for musical theatre, be sure to check out Broadway Arts Centre in Toronto! Contact us today to learn more!