We all want our kids to be involved in some type of extracurricular activity, whether it’s a sport, club, or a group. If your kiddo is not super into sports, another option is dance! There are many different types of dance for them to enjoy. In previous blog posts, we have talked about the benefits of hip hop and the benefits of tap dance. But we wanted to take a look at the benefits of ballet today!

At Broadway Arts Centre in Toronto, we offer a variety of dance classes for kids of all ages. We also offer musical theatre, private singing lessons, company dance programs, and performing arts camps. While the benefits of ballet are very similar to the benefits of another dance type, ballet is a very different type of dance and offers some unique benefits. If you are curious about the benefits of ballet and are considering signing your child up for a ballet class, read this blog!

Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

While many people think ballet is a simple dance style that doesn’t involve a lot of physical activity, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Ballet is an extremely physical activity that requires flexibility, strength, and stamina. This type of dance requires a lot of hard work and training. While we don’t expect your child to be a dedicated little ballerina right away, they will certainly learn about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and be able to constantly stay active. They will be encouraged to stay healthy, especially if they continue their ballet practice in the future.


Not only does ballet exercise the body, but it also exercises the mind! When your child learns classical ballet terminology, they will be exposed to the French language. When your child is exposed to different languages, it helps them learn those languages. Your child will also be introduced to classical composers since many ballets use those famous compositions. Ballet can also teach your child about how dance has changed through history and provide them with more cultural knowledge.

Improves Posture and Coordination

Ballet involves a lot of coordination and good posture. As your kiddo learns the basics of ballet, they will learn how to activate their core and coordinate their arms and legs as well. As your child advances in their ballet, they will improve their posture, become more coordinated, and have more control over the body. Since kids nowadays spend so much time hunched over a keyboard or their cell phone, working on their posture is more important than ever and ballet can help with that!

Improves Focus

Ballet is also great for improving your child’s focus. During class, your child will have to follow instructions, pay attention to every detail, and concentrate on their movements. This can help them expand their attention span and allow them to keep focus on one thing for a longer period of time. Many children who take ballet can often be more successful in school as well.

Promotes a Good Work Ethic

Ballet can help your little dancer develop a great work ethic. They will be challenged constantly and pushed to improve. They will learn that it takes hard work for them to succeed, which will help them work harder. Your child will always have room to improve, which can motivate them to keep trying. Don’t worry, we aren’t going to push your child to their limits, but your child will be challenged as they learn new skills and positions. For many children, they will want to keep improving and get excited when they master a new skill!

There are many benefits to ballet that you may have never expected. This is an activity that will benefit your child mentally and physically. Not only is ballet fun and a great place for your kiddo to meet new friends, but your child will experience all of these additional benefits as well! If you want to sign your child up for ballet, be sure to learn more about Broadway Arts Centre in Toronto and contact us today! We have classes for children of all ages and are excited to add new dancers to our classes. Check out our ballet classes and let your child start an extracurricular activity they can enjoy!