Dance class is a fun and exciting time for most children, however, if this is your child’s first dance class ever, they are new to the class, or they are trying a new type of dance, it can be scary and intimidating for them. If your child is nervous about their upcoming dance class or doesn’t want to go every time their dance class comes around, we have some tips that can help!

At Broadway Arts Centre in Toronto, we offer a variety of dance classes for kids of all ages. Whether your preschooler is starting ballet or your teen wants to try jazz, we know that the first day of dance class can be nerve-wracking. While your teen may want to deal with the nerves on their own, we know you can help your child feel better about their upcoming dance class. In this blog, we are going to give you some tips to help your little dancer get excited about starting dance. Read on and start preparing your child for our exciting classes!

Set Expectations

Your little one may not know what to expect when it comes to dance class. They may think that the teacher is going to be strict and scary. They may think that there is no fun allowed. But that certainly is not the case! Let them know that they will have fun in their dance class and be able to make new friends. If your child loves dancing around your home, explain to them that it will be similar to that!

You should also let your child know that you will not be there the entire time. While you can walk in with them to help them feel a little more comfortable, you will likely not be spending the entire time there; in fact, it might cause them to be more distracted. By setting the expectation that you will not be staying, they will have less of a reaction when you leave. You can tell them that you are excited to see what dance moves they learned so that they have something to look forward to showing you.

Get Them Excited

While setting expectations can help them prepare mentally, you can also get them excited by telling them how much fun dance class will be. You can take them to a dance recital or a ballet to help get them excited as well. Tell your child that they will be learning some of the dance techniques that they are watching on stage. This will help them get excited about going to class and learning fun dance moves!

Get The Proper Gear

No matter what dance style your child wants to try, there is certain gear that they will need. From shoes to clothing, be sure to pick up the dancewear they need before their first class. This is another great way to get them excited. Your child will love getting their new dance gear and showing it off before their first class. You can check out our dance class dress code to find what your child will need for their dance class.

Meet the Teacher

Help your kiddo feel more comfortable going to dance class for the first time by meeting the teacher beforehand. You can also get to class a little early so that you can introduce yourself and your child to the teacher. This can allow your child to feel more comfortable and allow the teacher to get to know you and your little dancer more. This can also help your child when the time comes for you to leave, since they will know their teacher’s name and feel more comfortable with them, they will not be as affected.

Ask For A DemonstrationBallet Classes-Broadway Arts Centre

Asking your child what they learned in dance class is a great way to keep them excited about going back. But it also has many other benefits. When you ask your child to show you their new dance moves, you are helping them work on their recall and help them retain new information. This will also give them a chance to practice their new dance moves, which can help them build their skills. When they show you what they learned and realized that they did the move correctly, their confidence will be boosted, which can help them be more excited about their future dance classes. At our dance studio, we can tell which kiddos practiced at home, so be sure to encourage them to show you their new moves!

While dance class can be intimidating and scary, especially when starting a new class, there are many ways that you can help your child feel more relaxed and ready! Whether this is your child’s first dance class ever or they are trying a new type of dance, we understand that they may be nervous. Our dance instructors at Broadway Arts Centre in Toronto can help make your little dancer feel comfortable and excited for their first class! Learn more about our dance classes and give us a call today.