You may have already thought of the physical benefits of enrolling your child in a dance program, but there are many other great rewards dancing can bring. If you are looking for an activity that can provide exercise, build confidence and give your child lifelong social skills, then dance class is a great option! Read on to find out about all of the great things a dance class can provide your child.

Improved Social Skills

Dancing can help children to work as part of a team, as they navigate through new moves and routines. Learning in a group setting can improve relationships between individual students as they master skills together. Having social skills is important in every setting in life, and the relational tools that your child learns while dancing will carry over into school, work, and all of their future interactions. Learning a new routine as a group builds relationships and gives your child confidence in social interactions. Dance can build a strong foundation of working together, being challenged, and solving problems.

Building Confidence

Learning dance moves is challenging, but the goal is to help your child feel empowered and never overwhelmed. A child that is very shy at the start of classes can blossom through the self-esteem they gain through dance. This confidence can help in other areas of your child’s life, whether in school or other extra-curriculars. Dance also gives the opportunity for public performance, which is a confidence building exercise. Early speaking and performing in front of an audience give children powerful tools they can use throughout their lives. Dancing builds on skills progressively, and your child’s self-esteem will grow as they master routines they thought impossible. Give your child a boost of confidence and enroll them in a dance class!


Along with confidence, dance can instill your child with perseverance. Learning a new routine, and seeing it through to completion, tests your child’s ability to push through and conquer. Dance is an easy way to give your child small goals that they can see through and achieve mastery. The skill of perseverance can help in all areas of your child’s life, and learning early to see things through will be a lifelong benefit.


Exposing your child to the arts early on in life has been proven to be extremely beneficial. Through dance, your child will learn creativity and the ability to problem solve and think outside of the box. Dance gives an opportunity to explore non-verbal communication, and the powerful ways that movement, music, and art can affect others. Each child brings something unique to a dance routine, and no two routines will ever be exactly the same. Showing your child that their creativity has the power to enhance their dancing can open their minds to all kinds of possibilities. Exploring your creative side early on in life sets you up to be interested and engaged in the arts at every stage of your life. Enriching your child’s life through dance is a great way to spark their creativity early and give them a lifelong love of the arts.

Developing Good Habits

Committing to a dance class, and seeing practice through to a production, can instill great habits of dedication and accountability in your child. Being on time to practice and being ready with clothing and gear affect not just the child, but the whole class. Learning that our actions affect others early on is a great skill, and being prepared and ready for dance class can help kids learn this skill. Also being able to make mistakes, be given constructive feedback, and make improvements, are great skills to have. Healthy work habits are developed through consistent attendance to classes and rehearsals, and the work is rewarded with mastery of routines and performances.

Physical Exercise

Along with all of these benefits, dance is definitely a great form of physical exercise. Dance increases balance and flexibility even in very young children. Starting your child off early with these great skills can set them up to be more active throughout their lives. With obesity and other health problems on the rise, dance is a great activity to get your child interested in at a young age. Dance gives children an outlet that is physical, and instead of playing video games or watching TV, your child will be bettering their body and mind. Dancing can also give your child an outlet now, or as an adult, to reduce stress in a healthy way. A dance class provides great physical exercise in a fun, encouraging environment.

As you can see, a dance class offers a wealth of benefits for your child. Dance is definitely a form of great physical exercise, but also can better your child in many other ways. To increase self-esteem, improve social skills, and develop great habits for life, a dance class is a great choice for your child.