As your child’s special day approaches, you want to plan a party that will be fun and memorable. Whether your little one is turning 3 or 12, finding great ideas every year can be a challenge. At Broadway Arts Centre, we make party planning easy with our birthday party packages for up to 20 children! Find out more about why our dance parties are so great for birthdays!

Kids Birthday Parties-Broadway Arts Centre

A Great Location

One of the challenges of hosting a birthday party is finding a great location. If it is summertime, you may be able to be outdoors, but in the coldest months you 

need to find an indoor location that is both safe and fun. Having a large amount of children in your house is overwhelming and can cause a huge mess. When you choose to have a birthday party at our amazing new location, we provide a safe space for your guests to dance, play, and have a blast!

Dance is Fun!


You want your birthday party to be fun for both guests and the special birthday boy or girl, and doing something that gets kids moving is a great choice. Our parties include fun with ribbons, hula hoops, temporary tattoos, games, and a mini dance class! Everyone will be having fun while they learn a mini choreographed dance that they can perform for their parents at the end! Our parties provide a great way for kids to be active, learn new things, and most of all have a great time celebrating!

Customize Your Party With a Theme

If your child really loves a certain movie, character, or song, we can easily customize their party with a special theme. Some of our popular themes include ballerina dance, Disney princess, Lion King, Grease, Hawaiian hula party, disco 70s, Frozen, and hip-hop dance. You are welcome to choose your own theme as well!

If you are planning your child’s birthday party and weren’t sure what to do, Broadway Arts Centre in High Park can turn a dance class into the best party ever! Let us do the work at your next party, and you can sit back and enjoy the performance. Maybe your little one will even discover a passion for dance and the performing arts—and we have dance and acting classes for all ages! Find out more about our birthday party dance packages here!