Studio etiquetteBallet Classes Broadway Arts Centre

Please remove all outdoor shoes before entering the studios.

WHY? The Broadway Arts Centre studio floors have a very special marley and sprung flooring. They can easily be damaged by sand, dirt, salt, or mud. Students often work in bare feet or roll around on the floor, therefore, we strive to keep the dance studio clean so we can focus on performing our best!

Students’ belongings and costumes should be marked with their name.

WHY? Students have the same attire for classes, so it is easy to confuse one another’s belongings. Label your belongings to avoid misplacing them.

Place belongings in a cubby or on the coat racks.

WHY? Who likes a messy room? Plus, it will help in keeping track of your belongings and avoid tripping over things left on the ground.

We ask that all students/parents clean up after themselves.

WHY? So we can focus on our dancing, singing, or acting and not cleaning. Please put garbage in the bins provided. Please put recycling in the bins provided. Please wash your dishes.

Please do not leave valuables unattended.

WHY? The change room and common area are not supervised by BAC staff.

Students should arrive 15 minutes before their class and be ready 5 minutes before their class start time.

WHY? Find a parking spot, take off shoes, hang up coat, use the washroom, get a drink, have a snack, put your hair in a bun or ponytail, put on your class attire, review your lines or choreography, stretch, and say hi to your friends. How long did that take? If you are not early, you are late. If you miss even the first minute of class you are behind and missing out.

Parents should always supervise any children under 8 years old.

WHY? The change room and common area are not supervised by BAC staff.

Follow the dress code. That means your hair too! And wear small pieces of jewelry only!

WHY? The dress code has specific attire because it will help you learn and work your best. In the right attire, the teacher can see your alignment and train you in proper alignment. Looking professional says you respect yourself, your teachers and BAC.

Only water in the dance studio please. Please enjoy any nut free snacks in the common area.

WHY? Remember the floors are special? We don’t want any critters moving into the studios! And we don’t want to harm anyone with allergies!

Studios can only be entered upon the invitation of the teacher.

WHY? Injuries can happen with simply running around a studio without supervision.

Please do not hang on the barres.

WHY? They are not meant for hanging on and you will seriously injure yourself.

Please do not touch the mirrors.

WHY? Smudge marks are distracting and take a long time to clean.

Parents please do not enter a dance studio in the middle of a class. 

WHY? We are up to some exciting dancing, singing, and acting here at BAC. Please don’t disrupt the flow and concentration of a class. If you must enter please talk to the administration staff first. 

Please call the Broadway Arts Centre if you are going to be late or miss a class.

WHY? We will miss you and be concerned.

Please do not miss any classes, rehearsals or performances. Familiarize yourself with the BAC yearly schedule.

WHY? Because you will miss out on exciting classes, choreography, staging, and direction.

Be positive.

WHY? If you think you can, you can!!!

Students exhibit professionalism by:

  • Showing up to class every week.
  • Being on time and ready to work and have fun.
  • Be positive.
  • Come to class dressed in the proper attire.
  • Ask to leave the class to use the washroom.
  • Finishing every exercise with the best of their ability.
  • Practice throughout the week between classes.

• Strive to reach your potential.